DIY Auto Repair Pricing

Do-it-Yourself Car Repair Shop Pricing and Monthly Membership Plans

DIY or Die Techshop offers hourly rates and five types of monthly membership plans that offer savings for Do-it-Youselfer’s who want to use the shop more often.

DIY or Die Techshop offers hourly use of lift workstation at $45/per hour.

Best Value below!!!


Consider one of the monthly membership packages below that allow you to save and accrue unused DIY lift rental hours for later use at discounted rates, when needed.


Gets 1 hour a month of shop time. Save at least $5 over normal hourly rates.

$30 per month SAVE $5/mo with Club Membership 


Gets 2 hours a month of shop time. Great for the person that wants to spend a little more time on their cars every month.

$60 per month SAVE $10/mo with Club Membership 


Gets 4 hours a month of shop time.  Best value for someone who  has mulitple family cars to service and repair or likes to tinker. Includes 1 night of parts storage.

$120 per month SAVE $70/mo with Club Membership


Gets 8 hours a month of shop time. Great for the person that may have an ongoing project.  Includes 1 night of indoor storage & 2 days of parts storage*.

$240 per month SAVE $150/mo with Club Membership 


Gets 16 hours a month of shop time. You are a Boss!  Great for people that have major projects, custom work, or got a side hustle fixing cars for profit. Great for mobile mechanics that need lift access to provide better customer service and a large menu of complex repairs that are best performed on a lift. Includes 2 night of indoor storage* & 4 days of parts storage*& No disposal fees.

$495 per month SAVE $305/mo with Club Membership

”Monthly Members” get scheduling priority and will get certain front-of-line priviledges over non-members and ‘First-Timers’.

  • Mondays and Tuesdays are regular hourly members and monthly members only.
  • Custom pricing available for patrons who wish to use the DIY shop more than the member packages offer.
  • Special pricing available for Mobile Mechanics and Mechanics who wish to use the shop on a regular basis for side-work.

*Separate charges do apply for disposal fees charged by various state agencies for oil, coolant, brake fluid, and other waste.

** Separate charges do apply for consumables, rags, non-complimentary aerosols such as Brake Cleaner and Carbuerator Cleaner / Carb Clean.

***Special tools, Scanners / Scan tools, and hand tools that are not included with the provided tool box are charged a rental rates that vary per item. Refer to our rental menu provided at each workstation and the Tool Room / Shop Foreman’s Office.


Any time spent after the initial hour is accounted for by the minute on a time clock. All space rentals are timed on a time clock. As soon as you sign in, the clock is started. The time clock will stop when the Foreman has checked your work area for cleanliness, and inventoried all tools and equipment and check there operational status. We suggest that you plan or allow yourself 15-20 minutes of time to clean your area after completeing your work or and before closing time so that you don’t spend to much time accruing charges at the normal hourly rate. There is a minimum 1 hour shop rental charge per visit.

All tools and equipment are inspected prior to your use.  Charges on tools and equipment that break are based on the Foreman‘s and Manager’s opinion of the situation. Tools and equipment may often break naturally from repeated use, but if we feel that the failure was due to your misuse and negligence, you will be charged for the replacement and or repair of the discrepant item(s).

If you are the car owner or user, you must present a valid Driver’s License. All memberships require that you must present government provided picture identification confirming your date of birth and the current location of your residence, and sign the Waiver, Hold Harmless and Release of Liability form before entering the work area.

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