Are you bored during Corona Virus Quarantine? Get empowered and have fun working on your car

Empowered woman working on her car at our DIY auto repairshop during the Corona Virus Quarantine

Are you bored during the Corona Virus Quarantine?

Who said you can’t work on your car?

Become an empowered woman. Learn a valuable skill and have fun working on your car. We are here to help and we welcome you to give it a shot. We can provide you the tools, parts,  and expertise.

With all the new spare time you have, now is a great time to get caught-up on your auto repairs or performance upgrades. Take advantage of our $30 special lift rental rate during this time.

We also have accounts with all major aftermarket distributors. If you need repalcement parts, performance parts, or custom wheels. Give us a call. We can get most things for you at wholesale prices!

Offer Ends 07/31/2020.